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Elf Bar Lowit 2500 Puff Prefilled Pod - 10ct
Kush Herbal Wraps - 25ct

Camo Natural Leaf Wraps - 25ct

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These Camo Natural Leaf Wraps are free from GMO contamination. The come in a box of 25 pouches with 5 wraps per pouch. This all-natural self-rolling solution is made of chamomile and maté plants. You also don’t risk compromising your vegan diet when you’re using these wraps!  

  • 25 Pouches/Box
  • 5 Wraps/Pouch
  • Resealable Pouch
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Tobacco Free, Preservative Free
  • Length: 109mm
  • 100% Natural Leaf
  • Made from Chamomile and Maté Plants

The camo natural leaf wraps comes in 5 flavors - Blueberry, Chocolate, Grape, Mango, Vanilla and Watermelon.

Product Image
Camo Natural Leaf Wraps - 25ct