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Discover the Best Pop Hybrid Pods in Canada

What Is in Pop Pods?

Pop Vapor has introduced new Pop Pods flavors in Hybrid 2% Nicotine. These hybrid pods are 20mg strength, mixed with a mixture of freebase and salt nicotine for the perfect smooth draw that you can enjoy at 35 mg strength. It consists of cotton coils which are very thin layered to block condensation and any leakages, resulting in last way longer and also gives the best taste till the last puff is converted from every last drop of juice.

Are pop pods compatible with stlth?

POP vape pods are compatible with ALLO and STLTH vape devices as well as the original POP HIT device. They come in a variety of new, exciting flavors and they're S-Compatible! Check reviews on the product page.

Can you still buy wholesale pop pods in Canada?

Pop Pods are a new Canadian product that can be ordered online by signing up at the smoke arsenal website.

What are the advantages of Pop Pods?

⦁ They don’t smell like the fumes that come from burning tobacco leaves, but instead, there is the fragrance of different flavors. That is why some people barely notice any odor coming from it at all! 
⦁ They also last longer and you don’t get any burnt hits
⦁ Very convenient and looks cool
⦁ One of the biggest advantages of Pop Hybrid Nic Salt Pods is that you and your surroundings do not have to smell smoke. 

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