WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada

The Essential Provider for All Your Vaporizing Needs Across Canada!

Welcome to Smoke Arsenal, the leading provider for all your vaporizing needs in Canada! We provide innovative products and solutions that can enhance your experience as a distributor within the vaping industry. Our goal is to make sure you get the best lifestyle product offerings so you can offer an even better experience to your customers. 

Smoke Arsenal has everything you need, from personalized smoking accessories like drip tips and rolling papers; to high-quality atomizers, batteries, coils & cartridges—all designed and built with top-tier materials from the best manufacturers in the industry. At Smoke Arsenal by your side, supplying quality Canadian-made vape products won't be an issue ever again!

As one of Canada's leading wholesale vape brands, we understand how important it is that our suppliers have access to top-quality items right away when needed - That's why we prioritize efficient fulfillment processes for all orders placed through our website or directly over the phone. Therefore no matter where you're located across Canada - be assured that you will always receive the timely delivery of first-class nic salts and nicotine shot liquids without any hassle! 

Stay on Top of Vancouver's Vapor Scene with Our Line of Quality Products

Welcome to the #1 vape wholesale supplier in Vancouver! We provide a comprehensive selection of superior-quality vaping lifestyle accessories and products that enable distributors, suppliers, and vendors to stay on top of the rapidly changing vapor landscape. Our selection features only the finest high-end vaping gear. These carefully curated items have all been tested by industry experts for safety and performance standards in order to ensure that our customers receive nothing but premium quality products.

At Smoke Arsenal, we strive to offer an unbeatable level of customer service along with our superior level of product knowledge. Our friendly staff is always available either online or over the phone if you have any questions regarding our range of products and pricing. 

What sets us apart from other Canadian vaping suppliers is our commitment to keeping up with both current fashion trends and new technologies within the smoking marketplace — this means that we are able to not only keep up with existing demand but also able to anticipate upcoming regulations & present exactly what's hot at lightning speed. 

So, kick start your business today with assurance and confidence, knowing you're covered by a team dedicated to providing optimal vaping gear solutions. 

Satisfy Your Customers' Needs for Vape Supplies Across Canada

We are proud to provide top-quality vaping accessories and e-cigarette lifestyle items for Canadian distributors and suppliers across the country. 

We understand that satisfying customers' needs is essential for success within your business, and so we strive to ensure each item we carry meets the highest standards in quality control. Whether you're looking for a new kind of device, atomizers, or tanks, or just searching for replacement parts like coils or glass components - our extensive inventory will have what you need at competitive prices with fast shipping options available throughout Canada. 

Aside from stocking all popular models, brands & styles on the market today, plus many more advanced items - we also obsessively source out unique items so our partners can differentiate their offerings against local competitors by offering something truly original. 

By having a clear understanding of customer preference along with satisfactory services provided at all times – Smoke Arsenal has been regarded widely as one of the most important go-to suppliers across Canadian territories supplying both large-scale orders used by Retailers, Distributors / Wholesalers alike! 

Elevate Your Vape Game with the Finest Selection of Vaping Gear in Canada!

We're here to help you elevate your vape game with the finest selection of vaping gear in Canada. Our warehouses are stocked from coast-to-coast with a wide range of modern and stylish lifestyle vaping accessories, meaning you can count on us for your wholesale needs.

For vapers who want top performance and style, our array of products promises something unique every time. From beginner vaporizers to e-juices, wicks, and coils, we have everything your customers could ever need.  

Our team is passionate about staying ahead of industry trends and building long-lasting relationships with partners like you. Whether it's through product testing or evaluating potential new vendors – rest assured that our professionals ensure that each item meets both safety standards as well as value expectations so that we remain the leader in supplying quality vaping equipment nationwide.

Switch Up your Style and Stock With Our Line Of Innovative Accessories

Our line of innovative vaping accessories is designed for wholesale suppliers and distributors in Canada! Our unique variety offers endless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing the perfect device.

So, the next time you think of stocking up on vaping lifestyle accessories, order from our huge assortment of vaping gear, and experience supreme servicing for essential vaping supplies across Canada!

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