Smoke Arsenal Inc. is a Business-2-Business Wholesale Platform. You need to register for an account first. Once approved, you can login to view prices.
The prices on the website are promotional and are generally less than what you will pay at the counter on our warehouse. But if you are coming to the warehouse with the website pricing reference, please inform the person at the counter to price-match. We will honour it.
Yes you are. We have a lot of clients who are actively using eBay and Amazon FBA services.
We ship from Etobicoke, Ontario. Our location is mentioned in the contact page.
Yes we have certain slabs for high volume quantities. Please contact us via contact page for more info.
Once an order is placed on the website, we start processing it. The time is usually 1 business day after which a revised invoice is sent to the customer. We ship as soon as the payment is received. Within Ontario, it takes 1-2 business day and for the rest of Canada, 2-5 business days. Delivery time for USA varies.
For this, we recommend informing us before hand. We can provide you all details and you can send us a label. But, we won't take any liability in cases like these.
In case of missing or broken items, we request you to report us within 48 hours of delivery. Once approved, we guarantee a refund or replacement item to be shipped out at the earliest.
Simply give us a call. We will take care of it if it falls under 48 hours. If the order is cancelled after 48 hours, the warehouse reserves the right to charge a 10% restocking fee to your account.