The Story behind "420" and how it became "Weed Day"

Since, 4/20 is just ‘round the corner, let's dive deep into the hazy history of how this day came into being. There are a lot of legends when it co...

Explained: Different Sizes of Rolling Papers

Why are there different sizes of rolling paper and what’s their use? Everyone knows what rolling papers are and why they are used. But again, they ...

What are Terpenes?

Feels like everyone has only been talking about terpenes in cannabis world. If you are new to this term, like a lot of us, then let’s try to know t...

STLTH vs JUUL - Which is Better?

The question everybody is asking in the vaping world - what is better? STLTH or JUUL? If you are confused, which vaping device you should next inve...

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